Troubleshooting missing environments in the node classifier for Puppet Enterprise 3.7 to 2015.3



  • Shawn Hanes

    We recently ran into the agent-specified environment disappearing from the drop-down list. I've been unable to find any troubleshooting info. It did thankfully re-appear after restarting pe-puppetserver, but why might it have disappeared to begin with?

  • Suzie Baunsgard

    Hi, thanks for the question, let me ask someone from the team to take a look and get you more information.

  • Nathanael Cole

    @Shawn That is unusual. I've seen it disappear before in cases when it was accidentally marked as "deleted" in the DB. However a simple restart would not normally be enough to restore it in that case. If you see this recur, we recommend opening a ticket with the Support Team so we can do a deeper dive.


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