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Use SFTP to upload files to Puppet Support



  • Alex Mesfin


    I am getting this error:

    [root@dccdvtp001 ~]# /opt/puppetlabs/bin/puppet enterprise support --v3 --ticket 37116 --upload --upload-user amesfin
    Error: Could not parse application options: invalid option: --upload

    Alex Mesfin

  • Suzie Baunsgard

    Hi, it looks like you're getting help already, I've let those folks know that you've left a comment here. If we can make improvements to the article based on your experience, we will do it.

  • Charlie Sharpsteen

    Hi Alex,

    The most common explanation for that error is that your PE version is older than the --upload feature. This flag was added to the LTS in 2018.1.8 and to the STS in 2019.0.3.

    Older PE versions will produce the "invalid option" error that you are seeing.

  • Alex Zbarcea

    how to upload only, or how to run the same with behind proxy (with http_proxy) without the proxy config altering the support commands ? 

    cat myFile.json | ssh root@remoteSftpServer -o "ProxyCommand=nc.openbsd -X connect -x proxyhost:proxyport %h %p" 'cat > myFile.json'


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