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Check and fix the expiry date for your CA certificate in Puppet Enterprise

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  • Kevin Alexander

    What version of bash is required to run puppetlabs-ca_extend ? 

    I have puppet master on a rhel6 server and its not supporting this task.

  • Henry Wang

    We have tested that the module is working on RHEL6. The issue now remains Kevin's environment doesn't have Internet access in order to install Bolt and modules. Seeking commands to manually extend the ca cert.

  • Larry Church

    Servers with access to external networks are typically security concerns. In these modern enterprise environments, how do we install Bolt and modules manually?


  • Suzanne Baunsgard

    Hi Larry, 

    I'm going to pass the Bolt install docs on to you here, which I hope is a help:

    We've got some practice labs for Bolt here:

    As the team's technical writer, I know there's several ways to install modules, so I can point you to this page, as a start:

    I'll let our Belfast team know about your questions, they might have something better to point you at. 

  • Suzanne Baunsgard

    If you need help on specifics, please go ahead and open a ticket with us.


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