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Upcoming changes

As mentioned previously, Puppet is excited to add new products. In anticipation of our latest product addition Puppet Pipelines, we have updated the ticket form on the Portal to include a drop down menu that lets you select Puppet Enterprise or Pipelines. PE data has no change. When you start adding Pipelines to your suite of Puppet solutions, we are ready for you! Feel free to take a look at the type of information we're requesting by clicking on the dropdown option Pipelines. If you want more information on Pipelines, please click here.

Download the latest PE master and agent downloads without filling out a form.

If you're logged in, you can download the latest PE master and agent. No forms required. Download the latest client tools package here. Our latest LTS release is available on the Previous Releases page.

Where can I find information about how to use Puppet Pipelines for Applications (formerly known as VM dashboard from Distelli) and Puppet Pipelines for Containers (formerly known as K8S dashboard from Distelli)?

Puppet acquired Distelli, a privately held continuous delivery automation software company based in Seattle, WA.

In our documentation for Puppet Pipelines for Applications, you'll find tutorials on applications (click Applications and application groups > Application tutorials), deployment (click Deployments > Deployment tutorials), and Docker (click Docker > Docker tutorials), as well as a growing library of manifest examples.

Documentation for Puppet Pipelines for Containers is here.