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Fix failed Bitbucket Code Manager code deployments in Puppet Enterprise

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  • David Sandilands

    This appeared to be required on v2021.4.0 and Bitbucket self hosted and v7.16.0

  • Suzie Baunsgard

    Thanks David, it sounds like this one would be pretty easy to update, I'll get in touch with you. 

  • Paul Reed

    This seemed to fix an issue I was having while configuring a non-standard SSH port (2222 in my case) for GitLab 15.5.1 and PE 2021.7.0.
    The syntax of "ssh://git@<gitlab-host>:<port>/puppet/control_repo.git" worked to resolve the same error.

  • Suzie Baunsgard

    Hi Paul, thanks for the comment, I'll put in a request to update this article. If we have questions, we'll get in touch. 


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